L’Anse Manufacturing Receives Business Education Partnership Award at 2016 Upper Peninsula Talent Summit

Posted: February 24, 2017

Business Education Partnership Award

Mark Massicotte from L’Anse Manufacturing received the Business Education Partnership Award at the 2016 Upper Peninsula Talent Summit.  Without the engagement of local businesses the U.P. would not be able to connect the future workforce with good local careers and help them make informed choices in their post-secondary education.

L’Anse Manufacturing owner Mark Massicotte and his staff have been instrumental in connecting local youth to careers in manufacturing.  During the 2014-2015 school year, he approached Baraga and L’Anse school districts in the hopes of opening a Machine Tool program that would be open to students from both districts.

Through numerous meetings and consultation with the Copper Country ISD, a plan was put in place to offer an Industrial Arts Machine Tool program that followed CTE standards.  Mark and his staff worked with the instructor to determine what could be taught through Industrial Arts and what could be taught at the local manufacturer.  Because all standards could not be taught through the Industrial Arts portion of the class, Mark then organized a local group of manufacturers who agreed to take second-year students into their facilities under CTE’s Less than Class Size program to teach the remaining standards.  L’Anse Mfg is one those manufacturers.

To encourage students to consider a career in manufacturing, Mark and his staff opened their doors for student and counselor field trips.  During the first year of this project, Mark and his team provided startup and technical assistance to the instructor.   They also provided students with work-based learning opportunities to experience a machine shop in full operation.

Mark’s tireless efforts to promote manufacturing and to provide opportunities for students to see and experience various fields of study are a credit to himself, his staff, and his profession.

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