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L’Anse Manufacturing was established over 30 years ago with just a few employees providing manual machining services to the investment casting industry. The founder built a reputation for quality, customer service, and on-time delivery. He was known to go the extra mile – often driving more than 10 hours one way to reach his customers.

That legacy remains with L’Anse Manufacturing even as we have grown and changed ownership. L’Anse Manufacturing now has  23 skilled employees operating state of the art CNC equipment and has multiple manufacturing partners to serve the changing needs of our customers across several industries. Click here to learn how our services can help you.

Since 2006, L’Anse Manufacturing has been under the leadership of Mark Massicotte and Wallace “Buddy” Sweeney. Combined they represent over 50 years of experience, each bringing their own unique and complimentary skills. Both are devoted to quality, technology, and service.

Buddy is a life-long Upper Peninsula resident and an L’Anse Manufacturing veteran of over 24 years. He is the in-house expert on machining and fixturing highly complex parts. Buddy has held numerous positions with L’Anse Manufacturing and has been leading the manufacturing team for 20 years.

Mark has 33 years of experience fulfilling various engineering and manufacturing management roles for mid to large companies in the Detroit area. In addition to machining, he has broad knowledge of various fabrication and assembly techniques. Mark’s steadfast focus on customer satisfaction and expertise in finance, strategic planning, and distribution ensures that L’Anse Manufacturing operates effectively as a whole.

LMI in the News

  • LMI hosts technical training through grant

    Written by Melissa Lehto, published by the L’Anse Sentinel Like all businesses, L’Anse Manufacturing, Inc., (LMI) wants to be competitive in the workforce. For this small-town company, being competitive means keeping your employees up to date on the newest and most current manufacturing techniques available. LMI has again submitted an application for and received a Skilled […]

  • L’Anse Manufacturing keeps employment local while serving clients worldwide

    By: Sarah Blakely, Upper Michigan News Source, Posted: 03.13.2014 at 12:27 PM L’ANSE — It may be just one small building hidden on back roads in L’Anse, but L’Anse Manufacturing creates medical, aerospace, and even military components that are shipped around the world. Company president, Mark Massicotte, said locating the company headquarters in this little community […]

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