L’Anse Manufacturing:
Delivering solutions
through innovation,

collaboration and


From Concept to Production

Using computer modeling and CNC capabilities, L’Anse Manufacturing transforms your concepts into initial prototypes, validation samples, or production parts. We work with the latest 3D models, 2D electronic files, traditional hardcopy drawings or even pencil sketches.

Speed and Precision

Our skilled operators are dedicated to completing your projects to exacting tolerances and demanding schedules.

Diverse Experience

 L’Anse Manufacturing serves a variety of industries, including medical, orthopedics, military, aviation, automotive, and light industrial applications. We can manufacture a wide range of materials including steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, plastics, and bronze.

Offering Custom Machining Solutions

Our Philosophy

At L’Anse Manufacturing, quality isn’t just a certification. Quality inspires the preparation, design and fulfillment of all our solutions. Further, our core values of team work, a can-do attitude, and a shared work ethic complement our quality process to deliver results.

Delivering Value

L’Anse Manufacturing is prospering despite these tough economic times through our steadfast focus on productivity. We carefully select the most appropriate technologies for every job to deliver you the best value.



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