Proto-Duction Services

Are you looking to bring a new concept to market or improve an existing product? Try L’Anse Manufacturing’s Proto-Duction services, our unique blend of prototype and low-mid volume production.

L’Anse Manufacturing prototypes with an eye on future production.

Our fixturing expertise allows us to create production-ready fixtures when we make your first prototype or validation parts. As soon as your product is market ready, we are ready to produce for your market. Click here for a list of markets we currently serve.

L’Anse Manufacturing specializes in low-volume, high-mix production services.

We exploit our fixturing and quick-change expertise to stay ahead of the competition.  What does that mean for you?

  • We can quickly accelerate from prototype to sample runs to production.
    We get your products to market faster.
  • Our quick change-over capability keeps us nimble.
    We can produce a wide range of parts in a short amount of time.
  • Value. More of your dollar goes to producing parts, not waiting between jobs.


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